January 10th, 2023 - Special Message from Yurii Kyriienko

Please see below for a video message from Yurii Kyriienko, father of OSC swimmer Yanina Kyriienko, whose family has fled the Ukraine to Canada because of the Russian invasion.

With the support of the club, Yanina has been swimming with us since the fall. Yurii, who is a police officer, remained behind to support the war effort. His message is very moving.
Link to Videohttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1OiWZJcd4ww_Gek5mViW-ETW6vMBiAVzy/view?usp=sharing

September 26th, 2022 - OSC Welcomes Swimmer Displaced by Conflict in Ukraine

Dear OSC Families,

On behalf of Board of Directors and staff I am writing to introduce you to our newest OSC family, Janina (Jana) KIRIENKO (10) and with her parent’s permission, to share the family’s story. I hope your family might consider supporting them as they adjust to a new life in Canada and swimming here.

In late February 2022 after a months long build-up the Russian Federation invaded the Ukraine, it now appears the war will be protracted. It is estimated that 8 million Ukrainians, of which 90% are women and children have fled the country.  Among those families were Natalie KIRIENKO and her children.  Natalie’s husband Yuri, a serving Police Officer, remained in the Ukraine to support the war effort.

Natalie arrived in Edmonton in early September with Jana, her 16-year-old brother and their suitcases.  After securing housing and arrangements for school Natalie reached out OSC in the hopes that Jana, a young competitive swimmer in the Ukraine, could with our assistance continue in competitive swimming here.  I was pleased to meet Natalie last week and while language was a challenge, we were able to make arrangement for Jana to begin training with our OW University of Alberta group the same day, OSC cap and goggles in hand.

Displacement by war comes at a significant personal and financial cost to any family.  To support Jana and her family the club encourages any OSC family able to assist the KIRIENKO’s to consider donating an AFC Commitment shift(s) (Bingo or Concession) to the family. This financial credit will be to be applied to the family’s monthly fees and annual financial commitment.  In return for this support the donating family will be credited 5 points toward their Membership Participation Points (MPP) requirement. 

If you are able, and prefer to support the family otherwise, with a direct cash donation to be applied to their account, please advise Club Manager - Rebecca BLISS at clubmanager@olympianswimclub.com to make that arrangement. 


Jared Buhler – OSC President