About Us

The Olympian Swim Club believes that competitive swimming is an ideal medium to develop both an athlete’s character and integrity. The sport of competitive swimming demands courage, dedication, determination, responsibility, and teamwork. Our swimmers learn that you achieve what you work for, not what you wish for. Some OSC swimmers will swim fast enough to make the national and international stage. All OSC swimmers will develop skills and attitudes that will serve them well throughout their lives. OSC prides itself on an atmosphere of dedication, co-operation and innovation. For all members, we dedicate ourselves to making their time with the Olympian Swim Club rewarding and memorable.



The Olympian Swim Club’s family-like atmosphere ensures a balanced coach-to-swimmer ratio, promotes active parent participation and provides our youth with the opportunity, confidence and life skills to go beyond what they believe is possible. We are a club that creates both strong swimmers and future community leaders.



The Olympian Swim Club is Canada’s Premier Competitive Swim Team – Winning in Swimming and Succeeding in Life.


Core Values