February 16, 2021

OSC 2020-2021 | Step 1&2 Group Information

Outdoor Dryland (Step 1) Documents:Coaching Schedule for May 3rd - 16th (Uploaded May 2nd)Groups for May 3rd - 16th (Uploaded May 2nd)Group Schedule M ...

by Bryner Robinson
November 18, 2020

OSC 2020-2021 | Meet Results

Meet 1 (November) ResultsSome times were not written down, and as such have not been included in the results. ...

by Victoria Etheridge
November 3, 2020

OSC 2020-2021 | Monthly Challenge

In addition to our Swim AB Virtual Meets, we have added Monthly Challenges to our training to keep competition between the groups alive!October's Mont ...

by Victoria Etheridge
October 20, 2020

How to: Find my Invoices

Welcome to Part 4 of our "How to" Series! Following this handy guide, you'll know where to find your invoices! After logging into your account, please ...

by Victoria Etheridge
October 9, 2020

How to: Add a Payment Method

Welcome to Part 3 of our "How to" Series, where you will learn how to add a payment method to your account.After logging into your account, please loc ...

by Victoria Etheridge
October 3, 2020

OSC 2020-2021 | UofA Parking Pass Information

We have received information from the UofA regarding parking passes for the upcoming year. Depending on your individual situation, an afternoon vs. an ...

by Victoria Etheridge
October 2, 2020

OSC 2020-2021 | Billing & Bingo FAQ

Please find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below!Why haven’t I been billed yet? Both OSC and PoolQueue are growing togethe ...

by Victoria Etheridge
September 17, 2020

Bingo Sign-Up Procedures | Updated

Attention all OSC Competitive Members:We are writing you to explain the new procedures surrounding Bingos. As you know from our new Unified Financial ...

by Victoria Etheridge
September 17, 2020

How to: Sign Up For Jobs

Welcome to Part 2 of our "How to" Series, where we will learn how to sign-up for jobs on our new website. We will be using a bingo/bingo worker as an ...

by Victoria Etheridge
September 8, 2020

September Training | Pool & Billing Info

Hello HP / P / Senior / PX / AGP,Here is more information regarding general procedure and parking questions by pool:Please keep in mind that you must ...

by Victoria Etheridge
August 31, 2020

OSC 2020-2021 | Rookie Camp Information

OSC's Rookie Camp format has changed from previous years to accommodate COVID-19 safety guidelines, and now consists of a 15min private assessment. Yo ...

by Victoria Etheridge
August 18, 2020

How To: Create an Account

Welcome to our "How to" Series, the first in a number of blog posts meant to make navigating our new Olympian Swim Club website easier. In order to re ...

by Victoria Etheridge
August 10, 2020

Award Winners 1996-2019

1996 - 1998,    1998 - 1999,   1999 - 2000,   2000 - 2001,   2001 - 2002,   2002 - 2003,   2003 - 2004,   2005 - 2006,   2006 - 2007,   2007 - 2008, ...

by Victoria Etheridge